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Track: The Don (Produced by Salaam Remi, Da Internz & Heavy D) [No DJ]
Artist: Nas
Album: TBD

Nas - The Don

Track: Do you wanna ride
Artist: Katistrophic Ft. Imraan
Album: Mmmmmyeahh

Katistrophic feat. Imraan- Do You Wanna Ride

Kirko Bangz feat. Killa Kyelon and Marcus Manchild- Talkin Down

ASAP where its at, where that weed, where that dank

ASAP where its at, where that weed, where that dank

Man the only thing i miss about highschool…

Wasnt school or chilling in school, it was after school, kickin it with the homies. Burning trees in the sketchiest spots cause you know you could get caught, or sippin on a 40, rooftops and shit just kickin it, thats what i miss man. The future sucks, no ones around, everybodys busy trying to make it somewhere. smoking at home just gets boring. If it was only a more simple time right now…

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(via mixxxfeelins)

What I want to say right now is just stop fronting on God. Keep God in your life man cause God is real. You know what I mean? You go through a lot of stuff because we ignore his signs and stuff like that though,” Ghostface explained to Chedo of The Come Up Show. “And they expect him to answer they prayers or whatever immediately. But I wouldn’t even answer you after you been doing a lot of bullshit and you gonna call on me when you need me when you shot or something. So I’m just saying you gotta give daily prayers…And then you’ll probably have a closer relationship. Your relationship will probably be more closer to God and you’ll be more happy.

GFK aka Tony Starks